Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pikmin Enemies

 Yellow Wollywogs could jump up like they do in the Pikmin series, then slam anything below it

 Firey Blowhogs could spit fire at you
 Puffy Blowhogs could not do damage, but could push you or blow you from advancing
Bulborbs could be common enemies that bite you  rather than eat you
 Goolixes could move around, but you'd have to hit it's weak spot. If you hit its other spot, it would send you flying
 Mamutas could slam you into the ground
Armored Beetles could be a mini-boss or at least a very tough enemy
Pearly Clamp Clamps could hold items like a pokeball or a sticker, but could swallow you for a whole bunch of damage

Swooping Snitchbugs could grab you and throw you to the ground

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