Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pokemon Part II

Buffolant could charge up and use his signature Head Charge for major damage

 Unown could reappear like they did in Melee. Even though it's not a strong or popular pokemon, it's very unique and had a cool effect in Melee
Spheal could use Ice Ball and spit out a bit of ice at an opponent

Alakazam could use Kinesis and bend his spoons to grab an opponent mid-air for you to smash to pieces

 Lickitung could use...take a guess....yeah Lick
 Jynx could use Lovely Kiss to put an opponent to sleep
 Heracross could be a short-range but deadly force with his Mega Horn

 Hitmonlee could use Mega Kick like he did in the original Smash Bros.

 Hitmontop could use Triple Kick and spin around in a circle while kicking anything that touches it

Beedrill could reappear like Hitmonlee from the original Smash Bros. and swarm with twineedle

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