Thursday, August 4, 2011


First Appearance:
Densetsu no Stafy
September 6, 2002 
Game Boy Advance (Japan Only)

Starfy is one of the very few "new" series to come out since Brawl, and by new I mean new to the US and Europe. I have very little experience playing The Legendary Starfy, so I can't go too
in-depth in him gameplay-wise. However, I know a lot about his history. Densetsu no Stafy was originally going to be released on the Game Boy Color in 2000, but the project was scrapped because of the release of the Game Boy Advance.
Starfy got a second shot in 2002, and he scored big-time. He got 2 sequels for the Game Boy Advance and got enough popularity to get in Brawl as an assist trophy. He quickly got a sequel for the Nintendo DS, which got popular enough to come overseas. Starfy is perhaps one of the most deserving characters to get into the next Smash Bros. roster.

Possible Moves

This could possibly be his "B up" or recovery move. Starfy uses a pogo at various times throughout the series.

Another Possible move, perhaps his "a up" move could be this parachute. I have never seen this parachute in action, though.

It would make the most sense if Starfy's "Star Spin" would be his standard "b" attack. It could be VERY powerful, but have 1 drawback. Just like in the games, if Starfy uses it 3 times, he'd get dizzy and vulnerable for a few seconds.

Hopefully, Starfy gets a cool final smash like his "Shooting Star". The shooting star could be similar to super sonic, making Starfy able to fly around and hit enemies.

There are many other combinations of attacks, animations, and taunts that Starfy could easily posses as well. Hopefully we see Starfy return in Smash Bros., but this time as a character. Any questions and/or comments, please leave them in the comments.


  1. that little star is so cute and adorable...I like him

  2. haha. I never got to play with that fellow, very cute. Didn't it pop during some fight scenes though?