Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Zelda Series Enemies

Skulltulas are a definite must

Octoroks appeared in Melee, and sure do earn a reappearance

Freezards would be a great addition. Obviously, they could freeze you.

Moblins would be fun. They've been in nearly every Zelda game to date.

Poes could whack you with their lights and occasionally dissapear

Those annoying as possible Keese would be a great enjoyment to beat the snot out of

Redeads appeared in Melee, but failed to appear in Brawl. They better change that

Deku Babbas? YES

There's many more Zelda  enemies. Hopefully Nintendo will use some of them.


  1. gots to get them skultullas son

  2. So many to choose from, gonna go with Poes though.

  3. Great game, memorable enemies.

  4. What a nice collection of Zelda enemies you have here. I would love to see more references to them in the next Smash Bros.