Thursday, September 1, 2011


First Appearance
I decided to release this on Rayman's sweet 16. Rayman, even though not the most popular choice for a 3rd party character, he really does deserve a spot in the fighting. He's far more popular in Europe for gamers than in the US or Japan. I think it's only fair that they get someone they want more, just like Japan got Lucas and Marth and we (the US) got Snake and StarFox. Of course, it's not like Rayman's not popular in the rest of the world, plus he's somewhat important in video game history.

His helicopter ability is an obvious recovery move

The shock rocket could definitely be a move in Rayman's arsenal

Rayman's grimace move could either be a taunt or maybe make enemies laugh and leave them vulverable

And of course, Rayman's fist attack could be his standard move. He could charge it like Donkey Kong, but it would be weaker and faster. Of course, it would be a projectile as well

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