Monday, August 22, 2011

Black Mage

First Appearance
Final Fantasy

While clearly not the favorite Final Fantasy character, he definitely deserves it the most. The Black Mage has been in nearly every Final Fantasy game, and several other games. While I can see why people want Cloud Strife in Smash Bros., I don't see him as the single character who represents the entire franchise, considering he wasn't in the first 6 Final Fantasy games. Also, the Black Mage could easily have a more unique moveset.

Possible Moves
I think it's fair to say that the Black Mage would be loaded with projectiles. He could have a few physical attacks with his staff along with maybe a few basic punches, but for the most part, he could have a wide range of magic attacks.

 These are just a handful of moves he could possess. He also has many new moves from the newer games. However, I think he should have mostly older game material, but mixed with a small amount of newer moves.

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