Sunday, August 28, 2011


First Appearance

One of the most popular video game characters, along with being one of the most requested characters, Bomberman is the greatest bomber ever. He has had 3 cartoon shows after him, dozens and dozens of games starring him, tons of merchandise, and has become an icon in video games.

The trick would be designing his moveset. He could obviously use bombs and his variation of bombs. Maybe he could be resistant to bombs and explosions.
He could use his ice bombs to freeze opponents, thunder bombs to give electrical damage, and fire bombs to add flame damage.

Maybe he could use mines too as a special move.

His standard option could be using regular bombs. However, they stay in place where they are placed and won't explode until Bomberman detonates them. This could be his recovery move.

A possible taunt?

His entrance?

Another taunt?

Maybe he could put on his vest and drop a whole bunch of bombs for his final smash...
Overall, Bomberman has enough weapons to build up a moveset, plenty of alternate costumes, and is definitely a top contender for a third party character.

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