Tuesday, August 9, 2011


First AppearanceSuper Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Super Nintendo

The most popular character from the cult game, Super Mario RPG. For some reason, everyone loves him. There's only one problem: Nintendo doesn't have the rights to him. Technically Nintendo owns some of the rights to Geno, but Square Enix has some of the rights still.

Possible Moves

Geno would need some imagination, but he could still have several moves based off of his moves in Super Mario RPG. Maybe his boost could make him more powerful defensively and faster for a brief time, but would require him to take a couple of seconds use it.
His Geno Blast could be another move. It could hit multiple enemies, just like in Super Mario RPG.
The Geno Whirl is another possibility. He could shoot a ball of light at an enemy. It could be a charge-up move and do a LOT of damage, but not knock the character (similar to Fox's blaster)
His standard special attack is obvious for me, his Geno Beam.
And for his final smash, I think his Geno Flash is a perfect fit. It could light up the stage and shock everyone, basically a more powerful Zapdos.

An obvious choice, but in order for Geno to appear, Square Enix needs to just let Nintendo use the rights. They haven't used Geno in over 15 years, so why hold on to him when they could get free publicity for him and get him popular enough to actually star in a future game.


  1. never played that mario game, but if he is like what your blog says i would play with him

  2. I loved Super Mario RPG, but I too don't understand why people love him so much.

  3. Super Mario RPG was one of the best SNES games.


    Geno Whirl for 9999 damage.

  4. This game looks fun as shit, gotta get it

  5. I love Super Mario RPG! Fucking awesome!

  6. always loved lot7s. First time I read about it tho. :D

  7. Awesome game, looking forward to more +1 followed

  8. This looks like a fun game! Thanks for the heads up about it! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  9. Geno looks pretty badass. He at least has enough to make it into a super smash bros game

  10. ya this game is badass i wana play it now
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  11. they should rename this dude to "badass" lol cause it fits so well and i think your choice of powers is well...choice

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