Monday, August 8, 2011

Little Mac

First Appearance

Little Mac, the main character from the Punch-Out series (which just got a revival after nearly two decades later) is an obvious choice for the next Smash Bros. game. Everyone who lived in the 1980s knew the game, and Little Mac was pretty much a household name at the time.

Possible Moves
Little Mac could be similar to Captain Falcon in a sense. He would be a very fast and powerful character, but would have no projectiles. Also, he would be a fairly light character.

Imagine this as Little Mac's Entrance
He'd have an uppercut maybe as his final smash, which would basically be a 1-hit KO but only be for 1 opponent and would have to make contact.

Most of his other moves would be different types of punches, including his side punches and his tornado or spinning punches. Maybe a charged punch similar to Donkey Kong's punch too.

I'm pretty confident that we'll be seeing Little Mac as a playable character rather than an assist trophy.


  1. Little Mac looks cool. I hope we do get to see him.

  2. Wonder what sort of special moves he'll have...

  3. Not a character of Nintendo that im familiar with but if they put him in it he must be special.

  4. His cool. Link is cooler though